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Amanda Whitehead

What an exciting time to work in education!  I am honored to be a part of the emergence of a 21st Century learning environment where our students are taught to be lifelong learners.  The days of the teacher owning the information and transferring it to the students are over.

     Students must develop strategies so that they become effective and efficient learners, no matter what the subject matter or context.  Because of the dynamic change, diversity, globalization, and innovation of today’s job market, our instructional program focuses on a strong platform of reading, writing and mathematics instruction as well as the development of the 21st skills needed to compete.  Our students need skills such as:  information media and technological literacy; cognitive skills such as critical and creative thinking and problem-solving; inter-personal skills including communication, collaboration, cross-cultural, social and leadership; self and task management skills; and personal characteristics like ethics, civic responsibility and accountability. 

     Our kids are not just competing with others from Boston or Biloxi, but also with those in Bangladesh and Beijing.  They have to be prepared for jobs that don’t even exist yet!


     It is my goal as the instructional leader of Paulette Smith Middle School to ensure that every child is challenged to reach their full potential and to be successful.


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Amanda Whitehead

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